International Training Course

Nonviolent Transformation
through body and movement


Exploring how body-based practices can support nonviolent social change

in ourselves, in our relationships and in the world.


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The team of NVC in Motion Poland invites you

to the series of extraordinary training courses!

They are designed to guide your transformation from personal, through relational into the social (organizational, community) context.

However, each is complete in itself, so you can take part in as many of them as you wish.



with Paul Kahawatte




with Daniel Ludevig


What can you expect?

To „be the change” we wish to see, we need something more than new ideas or tools.

We need to discover ways to align our body-mind-heart with our spirit to achieve our highest future potential – in ourselves, in our relationships, in our work.

Meet a group of passionate trainers, outstanding in their field, and allow them to inspire and guide you in this journey.



with Paul Kahawatte

Are you interested in discovering how to get to the leadership?

Do you want to know how to be in your body and with your body to transfer what you want to give to the world and to be followed?

We invite you to take part in the training module during with you will learn how to:
– manage better your stress while working with people or doing the important things,
– feel how feeling/being aware of your center (hara) would change your words in the stressful situations, anger times, etc.
– stay more easily with the needs’ consciousness (to disconnect from the words),
teach the basic exercises mixing Aikido & NVC,
– get feedback on your actual presence,
– be less in reaction and more in response.

Register to this training module and get to know how to be your inner leader, what does it mean and what change does it bring to the world!



with Daniel Ludevig

Using “presencing” and Theory U, Social Presencing Theater is an innovative social art form developed by the Presencing Institute that draws upon a body-based, intuitive knowledge of oneself and others.

This workshop provides training in embodiment and Social Presencing Theater as it applies to leadership and change work.

Workshop participants will:
– engage in individual mindfulness of body practices and in practices that increase awareness of the “social body”,
– apply Social Presencing Theater methods to specific personal and leadership challenges,
– be more able to access creativity, facilitate groups and provide effective and compassionate leadership by devoloping their sense of inter-personal connection.

The use of non-verbal techniques to inquire into “stuck” situations in one’s personal and organizational life lead to surprising insights and possibilities. Social Presencing Theater heightens sensitivity to current experience, brings attention to shifts in the social or contextual field, and is a method for prototyping seeds of the future.

Register if you are interested in it!

Train the Trainer elements

– Do you work with people – as trainer, coach, therapist or teacher?

– Do you want to expand the range of your trainer skills to bring conscious transformation?

– Do you want your clients to achieve their highest potential through expanded consciousness and alignment of body-mind-heart?


The training course includes Train the Trainer overview. 

The focus of each workshop is different. Shifting from personal, through relational, into the social.

Look into the individual descriptions for more information.

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Decide how much to pay!

Choose between 235 and 350 euro (1000-1500 zł)

Practical information

Here you can find some general details about the whole series.


Beautiful place close to Warsaw (accessible by public transport)


Decide how much to pay – choose between 235 and 350 euro (1000-1500 zł)


Each day starts at 10:00 and finishes at 18:00 (excluding the last day, when we finish at 16:00)


There might be changes in the location and trainers. In case it happens, we will inform you.

About the trainers

We invited experienced trainers from whom you can learn unique skills.

Paul Kahawatte


Paul works with people in diverse contexts as a mediator, facilitator and trainer. He has been exploring the principles of Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Circles and related processes for about 8 years, seeking to integrate them into how he relates with others and himself,  as well as finding ways to draw on these processes to support social and systemic change. He began practicing Aikido in 2003, and is deeply grateful for what this path continues to offer him.

Daniel Ludevig


Daniel Ludevig is a facilitator and coach with a passion for impactful transformation in business. His work pushes the thinking boundaries of his clients and has them connecting in ways unlike any they’ve experienced before. Their mindsets and behaviors shift with notable increases in integrity, coherence and resilience. Through their discoveries, leaders and organizations working with Daniel experience better decision making as well as greater well-being, creativity, presence and impact. He gained inspiration from a variety of sources.In his work as a facilitator with MIT’s Presencing Institute, Theory U, Social Presencing Theater and a handful of mentors demonstrated the value of systemic thinking, mindfulness, masterful facilitation and innovation. 

About organisers

This training course is organised by NVC in Motion Poland, created by CNVC certified trainers: Agnieszka Rzewuska-Paca and Magdalena Sendor.
They are supported by Magdalena Malinowska (Empathic Way).

Agnieszka Rzewuska-Paca

A certified trainer for NVC, she offers workshops, coaching and mediations for people who want to live consciously, schools with a heart and organizations with a soul. Insatiably curious about people and the world around her, she keeps inquiring why people do what they do. She is convinced that every person has a sage inside, who knows what is best for them. Her passion is to support people – big and small – in connecting to their inner wisdom and stepping into their power. She has experienced first hand the transformative potential of body-based practices, so she brought them into her work. And now she is super excited to be able to share them with you within this programme.

Magdalena Sendor

Trainer certified by, NVC mediator and coach. Magdalena has been running her own company for 11 years. Since 2008, in both personal and professional life, she has been building relationships and offering training services acting upon the Nonviolent Communication’s assumptions. Leading training, mediation and coaching she looks with her clients for a unique sense of being in harmony with himself/herself and others, sensing self-authenticity and concern for others. She works with individuals as well as educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and companies. She gives much of her curiosity and attention to the subject of education and work in a sense of freedom and responsibility.

Magdalena Malinowska

A trainer of empathic communication and coach, supporting people in creating satisfying relationships with others. She is running a Warsaw Empathy Group – Vega, writing articles, delivering workshops and individual training courses. She is an author of an online course „Four Steps to the better relationship with others and yourself”. Her work is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) created by Marshall B. Rosenberg, non-formal learning methods and on Coaching for Transformation approach. She got to know Nonviolent Communication in 2010, she learned it from many certified trainers.

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Decide how much to pay!

Choose an amount between 235 and 350 euro (1000-1500 zł)

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