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Time for Empathy


22.09.2018 – 7.10.2018

Online and offline events promoting Nonviolent Communication offered by trainers from all across Europe! Learn empathic communication, get in a real contact with other people and enjoy finding solutions meeting the needs of both sides!


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Do you know that 2 October 2018 is
International Day of Empathic Action?

International Day of Empathic Action was established in 2009 to create unity, community and a world-wide understanding of empathy. Let’s celebrate this day together by offering free events connected to Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It can be a lecture organized in a local library, an NVC introductory workshop, online individual training, webinar or offering empathic listening in a cafe.

Every idea to spread empathy and Nonviolent Communication is welcome!

I propose to celebrate this day between 22 September 2018 and 7 October 2018.

Choose the date that suits you the most and create your offer. My dream is that there is an event every single day. Are you in?

Are you a trainer spreading empathic communication?

I invite you to offer a workshop, lecture or other kind of event that meets following criteria:

  • The topic is connected to Nonviolent Communication (NVC).
  • It will take place between 22.09.2018 and 7.10.2018.
  • There is no cost for participants other that sharing cost of the working room, if needed.
  • Local events take place in Europe, as I will not be able to coordinate the whole world :). Although, if there is an organized action outside of Europe, I may publish a link to it. Contact me!
  • The event is preferably in English, but I invite you to organize something in your language as well!

I will collect all offers and publish them on this website. This way we can create an international network and support each other in reaching more people.

Local events for groups

In case of a group trainings/events that take place in your town, I will announce it on this website so we can have an overview what is happening all around the Europe, but you are responsible for registration and contacting participants. Here is an example how the event description may look like.

Online events

I will take care about registrations for individual sessionsI will do the registration through Eventbrite. After someone applies I will invite that person to contact you. Further communication and deciding who will call who, will be left to you. Here you can see how the list and the description of the sessions may look like.

Why to offer something for free?

Maybe you wonder if it is worth it – investing your time and resources…
If you want to have impact on what’s happening in the world and contribute to the well-being of other people by sharing your knowledge and experience, then yes!

Below you can find some of the benefits of participating in this project as a trainer or a facilitator:

Giving and receiving

Your voluntary work will contribute to making NVC more accessible and visible. This way we can change the world bit by bit and benefit from more satisfying relationships.

Creating network

I see this project as a platform where we can support each other in our mission and maybe in the future we can continue our cooperation and organize projects on bigger scale.

Promoting yourself

Thanks to this project you may present what you do to the wider audience and become more recognized on the European level.

Reaching new people

Together we can reach more people! I will promote this project in Poland, you in your country… There are so many people that have never heard about NVC yet!

Do you want to take part in a workshop or and individual training?

If you would like to be up-to-date with proposals that will come, go to Empathic Way Europe fanpage and click LIKE button.

About the organizer

Magdalena Malinowska

Magdalena Malinowska

Life-coach and trainer

I support people in creating satisfying life and relationships through individual trainings and group workshops in empathic communication (NVC). My work is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) created by Marshall B. Rosenberg, non-formal learning methods and on Coaching for Transformation approach. I founded Empathic Way (, through which I promote Nonviolent Communication approach and teach honest and clear self-expression and listening to others with respect and empathy. Empathic Way Europe is my new project aiming at reaching people living in the whole Europe. I run the Warsaw Empathy Group, I offer training courses and individual support. I am the author of the online course “Four steps to a better relationship with others and myself” (at the moment only in Polish). I got to know Nonviolent Communication in 2010. At the moment I am on the path to CNVC certification.