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Do you want to better understand other people (partners, colleagues from work, children, etc.)?

We will show you how to listen to others with empathy, curiosity and openness.


Do you want to know how to set boundaries and clearly state what you want?

We will teach you how to honestly express yourself without criticism and demands.


Do you want to take care of yourself, to know how to deal with difficult emotions and how to build your inner strength?

We will share with you the secrets of self-empathy.

Inspired Dialogue. The soulful guide for conversations that connect Cori Liebhart Empathic Way Europe

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Are we able to observe?

Are we able to observe?

The first component of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model is observations. In his book “A Language of Life” Marshall Rosenberg quotes Krishnamurti, “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” In this blog post, I will explore...

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All people have good intentions

All people have good intentions

Sometimes you are not included in these intentions. “What are your hidden motives?” My colleague looked sceptically at me after I offered to take on an unpopular job task. My first reaction was irritation and disappointment. I wanted to contribute and was met with...

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What is Self-Empathy?

What is Self-Empathy?

In the blog post series "AI explains NVC", Joachim Berggren (JB) asks questions about NVC to Alex Incognito (AI), a fictional character representing Artificial Intelligence in the form of the tool ChatGPT. *** JB: Hi Alex! After asking you questions and receiving...

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The Power of Strategies

The Power of Strategies

A hidden treasure of NVC Nonviolent Communication (NVC) teaches that using needs often leads to a better understanding, shared reality and thereby a more harmonious connection between people. The main reason that needs have this power is that every human being has the...

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