A free NVC webinar

Anger and enemy images

Who are you at war with?

17 September at 19:00-20:30 CEST (Berlin time)

A webinar with Kirsten Kristensen,
CNVC Certified trainer from Denmark

Anger is such a misunderstood feeling. When we don’t know how to embrace and welcome our anger, we miss out on harvesting the life-enriching message in it. And we might not find a way to harness this amazing power in the service of life – our own life and the life of others. 

Sometimes we swallow this feeling and it makes us depressed. Other times we project it out and use it against others and we become lonely

But we can end the war inside us. We can invite the intelligence of our heart and become creative in creating the wonderful world our hearts know is possible.

Join our free online event with Kirsten Kristensen (Certified CNVC Trainer) and check how you can do it.

Practical information

How: ONLINE on ZOOM (we will send you the link to the meeting immediately after you confirm the registration, check your Spam or OFFERS folder!)

When: 17 September at 19:00-20:30 CEST (Berlin time). Check the time in your time zone!

Recording: We plan to record this event and make it available to other people, if the quality is satisfying. We may also use the recording for marketing and publicity across a range of media. If you do not wish to be recorded, then switch off your camera and microphone for the whole duration of the session.

Language: English

Cost: FREE

The speaker

Kirsten Kristensen

Kirsten Kristensen

CNVC Certified Trainer

Kirsten is a family therapist, mediator and certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, through which she has led Nonviolent Communication trainings in Europe, Asia and the Americas. For 25 years, Kirsten has devoted her working life to supporting others in personal development. Her passion is to contribute to the personal development and healing that enables people to move closer to conflicts and to grow the relational competencies that support social change work. She enjoys working with body, mind and energy consciousness that leads to connection beyond words. People who experience Kirsten’s training and facilitation often express enjoyment of how she models what she teaches with a drizzle of humor. 

Website: www.kirstenkristensen.com

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