Colors of feelings and needs

Erasmus+ strategic partnership project



About the project

How do you recognize and express your feelings?

Can you name them?

Do you understand how your emotions are connected to your needs?

We want to invite you to this process! 


The aim of the project

The aim of our Erasmus+ strategic partnership project “The colors of feelings and needs” is to support youth in acquiring and developing the ability to identify, express, interpret and reflect upon own feelings and needs. We want to equip young people – as well as educators and youth workers – with an innovative tool in a form of beautifully illustrated cards of feelings and needs.  

The first part of the project, research, consists of collecting visual expressions of feelings coming from different cultural backgrounds and minority groups of young people in Poland and Germany. We have selected 40 feelings that are the most commonly used and we invited people to participate in our online challenge “Colors of feelings – draw 40 feelings in 20 days.

Based on the research outcomes we will create a set of 160 illustrations representing 40 feelings in 4 different painting styles. Then the cards together with a manual with various scenarios on how to use them, will be tested in a form of workshops in both countries. Finally, in May 2020 we will organise a “Mini Congress of Feelings and Needs” to share the outcomes of research and show know-how for  the deck of cards and a manual. 


The project is co-financed by Erasmus+ Programme and hosted by ARTE EGO Foundation in Poland and GrenzKultur/Cabuwazi  in Germany. Empathic Way Europe (Magdalena Malinowska) is taking active part in it.

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