Fueling relationships – daily rituals for rainbow colorful connections

Happiness in relationships can be left to fate or to good fortune, and some far away stars can care for it. If we’re lucky enough, we might experience harmonious and beautiful relationships, otherwise we can go from one hell to another, without tasting a bit of bliss and serenity. Or we can lose the sense of meaning and beauty, that can be provided through relating with another person.
  • Let’s offer you another perspective: Happiness can be a conscious choice to be practiced in our daily life with the one we choose to relate with.
It requires some awareness and skills that can be applied in order not to let what we’re longing for, in the hands of circumstances arising by accident.
In this session we’ll share with you bits of conscious rituals you can apply to live deeper connection with the one you love and the one you care about.
Whether you are in a couple or in single relationship, whether it concerns your connections to parents or friends, children or elders.
Couples or friends joining the workshop together will have a chance to practice it directly during the session.


[Workshop organised in frame of Time for Empathy 2021]
When: 11 March 2021, 18:15-21:30 CET (Berlin time)
Language: English
Cost: FREE


Registration closed


About the trainers:

Cori Liebhart Empathic Way Europe Pierre Vigneron Time for Honesty Empathic Way Europe

Cori Liebhart and Pierre Vigneron are in a couple relationship based on values that goes with truth, depth, authenticity, and spiritual growth. They don’t compromise with living their own singular true authenticity in their shared presence, that’s where being two, starts to become a passionate journey toward self knowledge and shared intimacy. This is where Joy starts to unfold, and life becomes an abundant source of marvel and beauty.
«Cause life is too short to be lived halfway
let’s dive fully in, while enjoying being 100% alive!»
If you wish to explore some ways to live deeper relationships in your daily living, join us!
We are looking forward to connecting together!

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