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[In Swedish] Communication and conflict management

Do you often get into conflict with others? Or beat yourself up once in a while?
Then come to this workshop.
I’ll teach you the difference between some things we humans tend to lump together. Things that, when we don’t separate them, create a lot of suffering for ourselves, and others.
What I teach is based on the awareness process called Nonviolent Communication (shortened NVC), some times called the giraffe language. First, I will give you some theory, and then we’ll do some exercises for those who want to try.
When: 27 September 2018, 18:00-20:00
Where: Medborgarskolan, Industrigatan 10, Osby, Sweden
Language: Swedish
Cost: You will be asked for pay 50 kr to cover snacks, some marketing costs & travel expenses of the trainer.
Register here: https://www.medborgarskolan.se/arrangemang-sok/kommunikation-och-konflikthantering-med-ricardo-guillen-forelasning-1078211/
About the trainer:
Ricardo Guillén – I have a BSc in Sociology, and use Nonviolent Communication as a mediator in criminal cases. I’ve held lectures and study circles in NVC since 2013. I was trained by Friare Liv and completed their one-year education 2013-2014, their 2nd year programme 2015-2016, their mediation programme 2016-2017. I’ve also assisted in Friare Life’s year 1 during 2016-2017, 2nd year programme in 2017-2018, and will assist their mediation programme 2018-2019.

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