Jacqueline Roche The Game of Compassion – Harmonising our world from the inside outside out

Jacqueline Roche – The Game of Compassion – Harmonising our world from the inside outside out

I am inviting you to join me for “The Game of Compassion”, where for the second year we will meet to share our individual wisdom (our unique authenticity) with others – in the service of remembering more of our own beauty.
Self and others are not separate – and “Game of Compassion” is a short and sweet dip into exploring this unity.
What do others have to show me?
What wisdom do I have for others?
What is the medicine you bring?
What is the medicine I bring?
What are we affirming when we relate?
And where is my clarity and connection to love clouded by false thinking (jackal mind)?
Each Game of Compassion session informs the next one, revealing to me where learning is taking place. I hope to see you there.
with Love


[Workshop organised in the frame of Time for Empathy 2023]
When: 9 March 2023, 16:30-18:00 CET (Berlin time)
Most of the workshops during “Time for Empathy” are not recorded, so the only possibility to take part in it is to join the session. The sessions that will be recorded, we will make available to others if the quality is satisfying. We may also use parts of the recording for marketing and publicity across various media. If you do not wish to be recorded, switch off your camera and microphone for the whole duration of the session.
Language: English
Cost: FREE
To take part in this workshop, register for the “Time for Empathy” event here: https://www.empathiceurope.com/time-for-empathy/
NOTE: Register only ONCE to the whole event and receive access to all “Time for Empathy” workshops organised from 5 to 12 March 2023.
About the trainer:
Jacqui RocheJacqueline Roche
Hi! I am Jacqui. I am a mother of two girls and a sharer of Nonviolent Communication. I have been teaching NVC since 2019 in Cape Town South Africa. My journey of life is driven by my hearts longing to be in love with all of life – including people exactly as they are. My life’s work is to connect to the compassionate centre within my being – and bring forth the expression of love that wants to emerge from this place. NVC for me is magical world of the power of this love. I also strengthen my capacity for absorbing the mystery of life by working with the sacred plant medicines gifted to the planet as well the power of prayer and the power of the sangha ( which I see as the wisdom inherent in others) I offer plant medicine integration sessions, NVC trainings for groups and organisations, and attending trainings to deepen my relationship to the energy of love and compassion.
 Website: www.ispeakcompassion.com

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