Listening Deeply

We all like to be heard. In fact, we all need to be heard. When we experience that someone really hears us, really ‘gets’ us, we feel trust and we can relax in ourselves and in our connection with that person. Listening deeply to someone and giving them the experience of being heard, is perhaps one of the biggest gifts we can give to each other.
In this workshop, we will explore and practice a variety of powerful deep listening and feedback techniques. If you want to experience giving and receiving this gift in your life, join us!
PS: An added bonus is that when we know how to do this, we can also ask others for the kind of listening that would really work for us!
[Workshop organised in frame of Time for Empathy 2021]


When: 8 March 2021, 20:00-22:00 CET (Berlin time)
Language: English
Cost: FREE


Registration closed


About the trainers:
Franka Insinger and Kristian KlettWe, Franka Insinger (Netherlands) and Kristian Klett (Germany) are the caring and experienced team of LivingNVC. We are deeply dedicated to supporting connection and peace – and like to have fun along the way!
Franka: “NVC is the engine that radically transformed my relationship with myself and others. It has brought me self-confidence, assertiveness, community and a sense of belonging.” 
Kris: “NVC has changed pretty much everything in my life. For one, it has brought a personal ‘war of the roses’ to a peaceful conclusion. It has also dramatically improved my relationship with my young daughter.”
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