Storytelling How empathy helped to fulfill my life dream

Storytelling: How empathy helped to fulfill my life dream

10 weeks ago I became a mother of a beautiful son! Becoming a mother had been a dream of mine for more than half of my life. And it has been a dream that – in despair and disappointment – I almost had given up on. I almost lost touch with my hope that this dream could come true, with the possibility of it becoming reality. In this hour I will share my story how empathy played a crucial role in eventually fulfilling this dream and invite for sharing.
When: 26 April 2020, 14:00-15:00 (CEST)
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Janne Ellenberger
Born 1980 I have highly been influenced by two wars: The second world war, that had taken my grandfathers away and the cold war that brought tangible fear to the population of Germany where I grew up. Since I was a small child I was wondering about questions of peace and war. In my first professional training as a health practitioner I learned empathy. Later I became an NVC trainer to share the thing that has so profoundly influenced my personal, professional and political life. Just 10 weeks ago I became a mother and I claim that it was due to empathy that this dream could come true. Website:




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Janne Ellenberger


Janne Ellenberger

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