Two types of NVC role-play as a powerful tool in trainings – Agnieszka Pietlicka

Learn about two types of NVC role play as a powerful tool in trainings, practice groups and deep individual work.
The role-play method as presented and practiced during the webinar, means giving empathy and expressing ourselves from the perspective of somebody or… something.
As an example:
a) if John dreams of being heard by his mother but she is either not willing to listen or not capable of doing so, also because she might be dead, he can ask somebody to role-play her – of course with empathic ears.
b) if Susan has an issue with success or money or anger, she might talk about it with somebody and receive empathy for how challenging the relationship with it is for her, but she also could ask somebody to listen to her… in control’s or money’s shoes.
As astonishing as it sounds, being heard by somebody role-playing empathically personalized anger, or any other life issue, can be a
powerful, transformative experience. During the webinar, you will hear about the procedure and helpful steps in the role and also you will have the opportunity to try it out.
[Workshop organised in the frame of Time for Empathy 2024]
When: 8 March 2024, 9:45-11:15 am CET (Berlin time)
Most of the workshops during “Time for Empathy” are not recorded, so the only possibility to participate is to join the session. The sessions that will be recorded, we will make available to others if the quality is satisfying. We may also use parts of the recording for marketing and publicity across various media. If you do not wish to be recorded, switch off your camera and microphone for the whole duration of the session.
Language: English
Cost: FREE
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About the trainer:
Agnieszka PietlickaAgnieszka Pietlicka
Agnieszka has been involved in conscious communication for over 20 years. Her favourite topics are key differentiations, belief transformation and finding oaths. She assists individuals and teams in the process of change (culture of dialogue), also intercultural ones, regardless of the position and industry. She cooperated with the army, hotels, kindergartens, smaller organizations and corporations. She knows what the crisis is. Certified CNVC Trainer, promoter of the Internal Family System, lecturer, publisher of books in the publishing house “Miejsce ludzi”. Founder of DU sp. z o.o. and the founder of the People’s Place foundation.

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