Free webinar

Let’s Dance with Inner Critic

An Introduction to NVC Dance Floors
with Shona Cameron

5 September 2023
18:00-19:00 CEST/Berlin time

Hosted by Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez

Are you struggling with your inner critic and would like to be more compassionate towards yourself?

Are you sharing NVC and would like to bring more aliveness to your workshops?

Are you interested in what NVC Dance Floors are?

Maybe you would like to meet Shona Cameron and listen to her story?

Please join us if any of those questions is true for you or/and the subject has stirred your curiosity.

This hour will be an invitation to explore our inner critic and find out what has brought you to Nonviolent Communication. What do you need to be more compassionate towards in yourself?

Shona’s words:

What brings us to Nonviolent Communication?

This year is my 20th anniversary learning NVC. What better way to celebrate than with sharing some of my story? Don’t they say that we teach what we need to learn?

I’ve recently been in touch with a layer of jackal thinking – an inner critic – which I had not found before. It’s made me realise that I’ve been practising NVC all these years in order to free myself from this thinking.

The self empathy dance floor has been invaluable to support me to work with compassion to these harsh places in me.

Practical information

Date: 5 September 2023

Time: 18:00-19:00 CEST (Berlin time)

Cost: Free

How: ONLINE on ZOOM (we will send you the link to the meeting immediately after you confirm the registration check your Spam or OFFERS folder!)

Recording: We plan to record this event and make it available to other people if the quality is satisfying. We may also use the recording for marketing and publicity across a range of media. If you do not wish to be recorded, then switch off your camera and microphone for the whole duration of the session.

Registration: Registration is closed, watch the recording HERE.

The speaker

Shona Cameron

Shona Cameron

Shona is a UK based Certified Trainer with The Center for Nonviolent Communication. She has trained internationally for many years as she enjoys travel and exploring what brings us together as humans. Countries she has trained in include, South Korea, Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands and France.

Shona came to Nonviolent Communication while working as an Educational Psychologist. She first trained  with Marshall Rosenberg in 2004. Shona was part of the team that brought Marshall Rosenberg to the UK in 2007. Shona has trained with many trainers from around the world including with Gina Lawrie, co creator of the Nonviolent Communication Dance Floors. Her most significant training in “how to make Nonviolent Communication sound ‘real’ “ came from the countless hours she spent engaging with teenagers in schools. 

Within Education she was often the only person in the room using Nonviolent Communication and the simplicity and power of NVC can transform a meeting.

As well as running workshops using the Nonviolent Communication Dance Floors, Shona coaches people who want to bring Nonviolent Communication into organisations. 

Shona is fascinated by the power of Empathy and during the first few months of the Pandemic has helped set up a global support line for Medics to have 24/7 access to an empathic listener. 

The integrity of Nonviolent Communication is very important to Shona and  since 2016 has been an assessor with the English Speaking European Assessor Team supporting the next generation of trainers to integrate and share the principles as she learnt them.

Shona lives in the North of England and enjoys dancing, exploring new places and baking. She is a dog person.

Here you can find more information about Shone and her work: and about certification

The host

Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez

Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez

I am NVC trainer supporting families, schools, business and organizations, through workshops, lectures or individually. The way we communicate has an impact on our personal and professional relations. I support people in leveraging the quality of them so they can enjoy more honesty and empathy. I also facilitate systemic transformation through Nonviolent Communication, neurobiology, and 3d-mapping inspired by and following the teachings of Sarah Peyton being in a constant awe how much healing her work brings. The first time when I heard the words of Marshall Rosenberg „Connect before correct” I imagined how would the world look like if we could remember them more often. What I do is rooted in that dream. I have finished postgraduate studies in Leadership in Education, Nonviolent Communication according to Marshall Rosenberg and Train the Trainer of Nonviolent Communication studies, at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, Poland. I have also finished Business and Life Coaching at the School of Empathic Trainers in Warsaw. I am a mother of a teenage boy who is my source of love and wisdom.


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