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One Month for Strong Relations

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Next possibility to join will be in November 2022! 


Are you interested in human relations?


Are you curious what supports and what destroys them?


Would you love to transform your own relations at home or at work, so you could enjoy more understanding and ease?


Maybe you would like to learn about Nonviolent Communication, an approach to communication in which empathy and honesty are the core of human relations?

If you answered YES to at least one question, and if you like SURPRISES, join our extraordinary journey to empathic relations
and make one small step every day!

Transform your relations in 31 days

For 31 days you will receive inspirations connected to one specific topic a day. Our calendar is rich in forms so you can enjoy diversity and adjust it to your favourite ways of learning. You might expect:

16 Videos

31 PDFs with theory and exercises

8 interviews with guests

Audio with guided practice



Articles and quizzes

And more...

You will not know what you receive, till you open it :).

One Month for Strong Relations

This course is designed for all of you who would like to:

  • improve your relations at home, at work, in the community,
  • learn at your own pace how to take care of yourself through self-empathy,
  • be honest and authentic, and at the same time take care of others,
  • look at difficult emotions such as anger, shame, guilt and how to deal with them,
  • learn about Nonviolent Communication or ground your knowledge about it.

Our guests

Joanna Berendt Empathic Way Europe Partners

Joanna Berendt

Kirsten Kristensen NVC trainer

Kirsten Kristensen

Robert Maoz Kržišnik Time for Empathy

Robert Maoz Kržišnik

Liv Larsson Empathic Way Europe

Liv Larsson

Kay Rung

Kay Rung

Sri Ram Timilsina

Sri Ram Timilsina

Pierre Vigneron Time for Honesty Empathic Way Europe

Pierre Vigneron

Mironel de Wilde One Month for Strong Relations

Mironel de Wilde


Day 1

Connection. What’s empathy and what’s not empathy.

Day 2

Giraffe and Jackal habitual language and the language of life

Day 3

Four Ears – hearing difficult messages

Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9

Honest expression

Day 10

Listening with empathy

Day 11

Hearing someone’s NO

Day 12

Saying NO

Day 13

Empathic relations at home

Day 14

Empathic relations at work

Day 15

Empathic relations in my community

Day 16


Day 17

Enemy Image

Day 18

Protective use of force

Day 19


Day 20


Day 21

Inner conflicts

Day 22

“I have to” “I choose”

Day 23

Apologizing with empathy

Day 24


Day 25


Day 26

Power over/under and power with

Day 27


Day 28


Day 29


Day 30


Day 31




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I loved this course. I was impressed with the quality of the content. Very thorough, worked-through, and definitely not what I expected from a free of charge course.


This course gives a good overview of NVC spiced up with personal insights & practical exercises that are very useful. So, the concept becomes more applicable in “normal life” instead of being a vague or airy idea. Be open, honest & kind to yourself to get the most out of it – enjoy!

A&C Mixwood, couple in Belgium


Time for Empathy International project Empathic Way Europe Partners Joachim Berggren

Joachim Berggren

Cori Liebhart Empathic Way Europe

Cori Liebhart

Magdalena Malinowska

Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez Empathic Way Europe

Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez

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