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Do you get shivers when you think about honesty because you do not like to open up to others?

Or maybe being honest is not a problem for you – you speak bluntly and without mincing words what you think about others and their actions?

How are you feeling then?

If  you are uncomfortable in such situations, you regret that you did not say anything (and it was really important!), or that you said too much and now no one speaks to you, we invite you to participate in this short, seven-day challenge.

During this online challenge:

  • you will check what honesty means to you;
  • you will learn the definition of honesty according to Nonviolent Communication (NVC);
  • we will show you that you can speak honestly considering the feelings and needs of both – yourself and others;
  • through simple tasks you will see how you can express yourself with greater ease and care for others and yourself;
  • maybe you will become more brave in telling others what is important to you and thanks to that your relationships will deepen and become more colourful.

Therefore, if you dream about more authenticity, fulfilment and ease in relationships with others and yourself, join this online challenge today!

Inspiration and support

The aim of this 7-day challenge is to encourage you to experiment with new behaviours and support you in taking the first steps. We invite you to open your mind and heart and reach your inner stocks of courage! And let’s see how it is for you with more honesty and what has changed in your relationships for the better.

Increase your level of honesty in 7 days!

Invite yourself to the experiment

Invest 15 minutes a day in yourself and watch the changes taking place in your life!

Who is this challenge for?

We invite people who:

  • like challenges and are open to trying new things;
  • want to face their perception of honesty and are curious about different approaches;
  • want to express themselves in an honest way to take care of their boundaries while taking into account other people;
  • want to get to know themselves better, their feelings and needs, and to look after them;
  • want authentic relationships with others, full of clarity and without hidden messages;
  • are longing for peace, joy and being taken into consideration.

How will it work?

Every day for 7 days you will receive a simple exercise, taking about 15 minutes, which will be available on a special online platform.

Each exercise is designed in the way that makes it easy to put them into practice. Do it and write down your reflections in the diary, which you will receive each day.

At your disposal is also closed group on Facebook, where you can stay in contact with us and other participants.

Note: you will only get access to the challenge for 10 days, so do not postpone doing it until later!

Are you ready? You are invited to join!

About the authors

My name is Magdalena Malinowska-Berggren and I have prepared the whole content of this challenge. I am CNVC Certified Trainer supporting people in creating satisfying life and relationships (personal and professional) through individual trainings and group workshops deepening communication skills. I help in implementing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in companies, non-governmental organisations and in private life. My work is based not only on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) created by Marshall B. Rosenberg, but also on non-formal learning methods and on Coaching for Transformation approach. I got to know Nonviolent Communication in 2010 and I am on the path to CNVC certification.

In this online challenge you will also meet other members of Empathic Way Europe – Cori Liebhart and Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez. Together we recorded short videos that will give you even more knowledge and inspiration. We are also waiting for your questions in the Facebook group.

Hope to see you there!

Is the challenge "One thing a day for honest relationships" free?

This challenge is free for the first 10 days. Then you will lose access to the platform. You can extend access to one year HERE just for 7 euro (that’s only 1 euro a day!) – additionally you will receive access to a PDF booklet with the whole challenge.

What if I do not have time right now?

Each exercise takes only 15 minutes, so I encourage you not to put them off for later. However, you can download materials to your computer and use them at a convenient time. Your free access to the online platform will expire after 10 days, but you can easily prolong it HERE.

What if I have no difficulty with honesty?

Great! It will be easier for you to implement the exercises proposed by me! Check them, maybe you will find there such practices that will enrich your life and relationships even more.

I already know Nonviolent Communication (NVC), will this challenge be useful to me?

It depends mainly on whether you implement Nonviolent Communication in everyday life or not. If you know NVC very well and use it regularly, then you do not need this challenge :).

Are you curious?

Join the challenge “One thing a day for honest relationships” right now and start to lead a more authentic life!

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