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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in practice

Learn new, more effective ways of communication.

Build satisfying relationships at work and in your personal life.


Do you want to better understand other people (partners, colleagues from work, children, etc.)?

We will show you how to listen to others with empathy, curiosity and openness.


Do you want to know how to set boundaries and clearly state what you want?

We will teach you how to honestly express yourself without criticism and demands.


Do you want to take care of yourself, to know how to deal with difficult emotions and how to build your inner strength?

We will share with you the secrets of self-empathy.

What do we offer?

Workshops for business and NGOs

Online workshops and coaching sessions

Individual sessions for couples

One-on-one individual trainings

Open workshops for individuals

Programmes for schools

Learn Nonviolent Communication with us!

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NVC Blog

Beginner’s mind

Beginner’s mind

Beginner’s mind The power of not knowing all So many times I attended workshops where I had some prior knowledge, with the attitude: “I doubt that I can learn anything new!”. So many times I dismissed the arguments of political opponents before I even heard them! And...

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Our biased mind

Our biased mind

In the beginning of my NVC experience   When I started learning NVC, I was very passionate. At last, I had discovered a way to communicate where connection and the needs of everyone matter. I could both listen with empathy to what was important to others as well...

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Blind Spots

Blind Spots

Why are they behaving like that?   Do you sometimes wonder why others are so angry? Or you might be wondering why people are so nasty? Perhaps you are annoyed that some people are so stingy? Now and then, judgements of others appear within us. We lose our balance...

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The four NVC steps in practice

The four NVC steps in practice

The four NVC steps The four steps of Nonviolent Communication (known also as four components) help us to consciously use words in order to clearly express what we want. Using the four steps increases the chance of establishing contact and mutual understanding. They...

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