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Does it happen that the day has passed and you realize that you forgot about what is most important to you? 

Maybe you are so much focused on realizing your goals that you have no time to stop and cherish your relationships with others?

If you are looking for daily inspiration supporting you in staying empathic, honest, authentic and curious no matter what, subscribe to the Daily Empathizer!

What will I receive?

Every day you will receive an email to your inbox.
The email consists of:

A graphic with an inspirational quote

A reflection


A short exercise

A tip of the day

How does it work?

You can just read the quote and with a smile on your face greet the next person you meet. You can read my reflection and ponder about how today’s quote affects you and your interaction with others. You can spend a few minutes or more on doing the exercise of the day. 

No matter what you choose to do, with the help of daily reminders you will, again and again, explore different ways of creating deeper connections with people around you.

The Daily Empathizer - Empathic Way Europe
The Daily Empathizer - Empathic Way Europe
The Daily Empathizer - Empathic Way Europe
The Daily Empathizer - Empathic Way Europe

Ready for taking action?

Subscribe to the Daily Empathizer and receive support in taking responsibility for the quality of your relationships with others. You will be inspired to start being active and making conscious decisions rather than being reactive and impulsive

Why is it important?

Because when we are reactive and impulse-driven, the quality of our relationships suffers. When we consciously act and take responsibility for our communication, our relationships improve.


The author

Joachim Berggren The Daily Empathizer

My name is Joachim Berggren and I’m the person behind The Daily Empathizer. I am a CNVC Certified Trainer and since 2010 I have taught hundreds of people how to improve their communication and create more contact with their family, friends and co-workers. With the Daily Empathizer I want to inspire you to explore and develop your communication skills. Through daily inspiring, funny and provocative quotes, you will be reminded of what is most important in your life contributing to increased chances that yours and others’ needs are met through contact with each other.

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