The Needs’ Year

52 weeks of connecting with your needs

by Joachim Berggren

One of the key assumptions of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) says that everything people do is their attempt to meet needs. When you know what your needs and the needs of another person are, then you can understand each other much better and find a solution that fits both of you.

But what are the needs and how to know what you need?
Moreover, how to recognise the needs of other people?

Getting in touch with what is alive in you and others can be really challenging, especially if you have never tried it before. It requires self-awareness, curiosity, openness and broadening the vocabulary. And a lot of practice!

Do you want to discover the beauty of needs and build a better connection with yourself and others?

Every week you will have a chance to focus on one need. We will invite you to:

  • discover what this need means to you;
  • check how you take care of this need;
  • find easy strategies to fulfil this need in your everyday life;
  • implement some of these strategies during the week;
  • find the beauty behind other people’s actions, even when they are not in line with your values.

Participating in the Needs’ Year will help you to: 

  • have a greater understanding of needs;
  • recognize and identify the needs with more ease;
  • be in contact with yourself and what you long for in life;
  • expand your strategies and be able to fulfil your needs to a greater extent;
  • increase your empathy and compassion both for yourself and others;
  • have richer and more meaningful relationships.


You can participate in the Needs’ Year to the extent that you wish. 

  • You can just follow our blog and read articles about the needs. 
  • You can choose a free subscription to receive weekly emails with reminders and the link to free Zoom Talks.
  • You can choose a premium subscription to additionally receive PDFs with questions and 1-year access to the online platform with all materials and recordings of the Zoom Talks.

Become Premium subscriber to receive:

Weekly PDF

Editable file with an introduction to the need of the week and questions for reflections

01 The need for Acceptance Blog Empathic Way Europe

Needs Tracker

Every day check if your needs were met or not.
To do that you can use one of our “Needs Trackers”

01 The need for Acceptance Blog Empathic Way Europe


Watch our first Zoom Talk

Watch an introduction to the Needs’ Year during which Joachim Berggren and Carolyn Davies talk about needs from the perspective of Nonviolent Commucation and their own experience:


When is the last day of registration?

The Needs Year is planned for the whole 2022. We start on the 1st of January, but you can join whenever you wish until 31 December 2022. You will receive access for 365 days counting from the registration date.

When are the Zoom Talks?

The day and the time of our Zoom Talks will change almost every week. We will inform you by email and on the online platform when the upcoming meeting is. If you can’t participate, choose the Premium subscription to get access to the recording.

Can I resign from receiving emails?

Yes, of course, just remember that if you do that, we will not be able to send you any information connected to this project, such as reminders about the Zoom Talks and links to the meetings (if you choose premium subscription, you will find it on the platform).

Is it possible to receive an invoice?

Yes. Send your details to 

Can I upgrade from the free plan to the premium plan?

Yes, you can do it HERE – choose the Premium subscription, add to basket and pay.

About the author

Joachim Berggren NVC Trainer Empathic Way Europe

Joachim Berggren

CNVC Certified Trainer and communication consultant

I work with groups and individuals who want to be able to communicate better and build sustainable connections in their family, with their friends, at their workplace and in the bigger community. I am offering lectures, workshops, mediation and individual training online and in person. I came into contact with NVC in 2005 and in 2009/2010 I participated in my first annual program with Friare Liv (Liv Larsson and Kay Rung). I have participated in a wide range of NVC workshops both in Sweden and abroad. Since 2010, I have been sharing and teaching NVC myself. In 2017, I became a certified NVC trainer by CNVC. My main focus within NVC has been to teach the NVC fundamentals, community building and to organize major events, such as the European and the Swedish NVC festivals. What captivates my interest lately is how we humans develop both as individuals and groups and how this evolutionary drive affects our ability to learn and integrate NVC into our lives.

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