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Do you need support in learning a new way of communication?

Don’t wait till your relationships are a real mess, contact us now.

We support:


We will help you build effective cooperation in your company through raising communication skills


Take part in our workshops (also online) or meet us during one-on-one session. We work in English, Polish, German and Spanish


We have experience in working with Non-governmental Organisations, e.g. in frame of Erasmus+ projects


We can support you in having better communication with students, their parents and other teachers

Who can benefit from working with us:

Managers and team leaders

Effective cooperation in your team

Giving and receiving feedback with care and respect

Resolving conflicts in a peaceful way

Dealing with difficult emotions at work

People in close relationships

Learn how to communicate with your partner and support each other when you are in strong emotions

People living far away from their country of origin

We can support you in dealing with difficulties connected to living in a different culture


Relations at home, with our partners, children, parents, in-laws, have an impact on our overall wellbeing. When nurturing we may feel energized and resilient to any challenges we are facing. 

At the same time we might be tensed, as we release our worries where we feel safe, at homes.

Parenting, partnership, taking care of parents require our communication skills based on empathy. We can offer empathy to ourselves, we can offer empathy to others.

Maybe you would like to:

  • learn how to take care of yourself
  • know how to talk honestly about difficult matters
  • know how to bring up children with love and mutual respect
  • take care of conflicts
  • understand your partner better
  • bring more joy and fun to your family?

We offer workshops, one-on-one sessions, mediations both in-house and online versions.

Teachers and principals

Learn how to:

  • have better communication with students, their parents and other teachers,
  • build strong win-win relationships at school, based on trust and cooperation,
  • be able to name their needs and express them to others clearly,
  • educate children in the atmosphere of respect and closeness, and at the same time support them in building a sense of self-esteem and consideration for themselves and other people,
  • have a closer look at conflicts and anger in the private and professional life,
  • find an alternative to punishments and rewards in the process of education,
  • receive empathy and be heard without judgements and labels
  • take care of yourself and express your needs honestly. 

We offer workshops, one-on-one sessions, mediations both online and in-house.

Do you want to cooperate with us?

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