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Self-leadership Online Course

Develop your inner power and communication skills

to become a leader of your life


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The world needs self-aware and resilient leaders people who know their strengths and are not afraid to use them in their everyday professional and private life! People who know how to use Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in practice.

With this course we want to support you in taking an ownership of your life and contributing to making our planet safe place to live in and love.

Are you a bit stuck in your life and don’t know what to do next and how to move on?

Do you lack energy and inner motivation to really use your potential?

Does it happen that you are overwhelmed by your emotions in stressful situations?

Are you struggling with communication at work or at home and dream about more easiness and understanding in your relationships?

If you answered yes to at least one question, we invite you to join us on the path to more self-awareness and inner power. We will guide you through 6 phases of building your self-leadership and show different tools that you can use in your life to become more efficient, calm and confident.  

This course is for you if you would like to:

  • be satisfied with your life and be sure you are in the right place;
  • make conscious decisions based on your needs and values with more ease;
  • become more self-aware, self-confident and efficient; 
  • be able to speak up with courage and honesty;
  • improve your relationships at work or/and at home; 
  • change the world and take care about our planet without waiting anymore to do it;
  • connect with people similar to you living in different countries.

Participating in this online course will help you:

  • take conscious ownership of your life; 
  • be more aware of your intentions, needs and values;
  • get to know what can “push your buttons” and bring strong emotions, and how to deal with it;
  • become more confident and use your strengths;
  • develop your communication skills – listening to others with empathy and expressing yourself honestly
  • raise your self-efficacy and openness to feedback.


Module 1 

Self-awareness and self-leadership

  • Who am I in my leadership and what is my vision?
  • Intro to the course

Module 2 

How is my “being” doing?

  • What are my core values and what leads me?

Module 3

How is my “doer” doing?

  • What creative strategies can I choose to fulfill my most important needs and stick to win-win approach?

Module 4 

Communication and empathic listening

  • Why communication matters?

Module 5 


  • How to take care of myself when I’m hijacked by strong emotions?

Module 6

Honest self-expression

  • How to communicate myself to be heard and seen?

  • Summary of the course

We would love to offer you a course which is kind of a journey to yourself. Our dream is to give you an opportunity to become more self-aware of who you are, what are your core values, what makes you happy and unhappy in your life, what are your dreams and what can you do to make them come true

Our vision is to help people to awaken their self-leadership, strengthen their resilience and confidence and make changes that they want to see in the world.

What do we offer:

6 online meetings

We will meet once a week for two hours to work together on the topic and create a support network

6 video recordings

You will receive access to recorded sessions, so you can go back to them whenever you want

Handouts in PDF

Each module will be accompanied by PDF documents containing some theory and/or exercises

Facebook group

You will be invited to closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support also from other participants


If you join the waiting list and buy the course when we open registration, you will receive an extra gift from us – unlimited access to our two 7-day online challenges:

  • “7 small inspired steps for making decisions in ease and confidence” (coming soon!)
  • “One thing a day for honest relationships”

Are you willing to participate in this journey? Join our waiting list now!

About us

Self-leadership course is designed by three trainers whose dream is to support people in their path to self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy. We are enthusiasts and practitioners of Nonviolent Communication, it’s those principles that guide us in our work. We share the belief that whatever we-people do or say, it’s aimed to fulfill our needs that are the essence of our being. The awareness of the needs brings us choice and ownership in our lives. We create Empathic Way Europe which aim is to spread Nonviolent Communication all around Europe and the whole world, and to connect people interested in it living in different countries.

We would love to support you in that journey to self-leadership. 
If you have any questions, send an email to:

Cori Liebhart

Magdalena Malinowska

Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez

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