Authenticity and empathy - workshop in Malmö

Authenticity and empathy – workshop in Malmö

Workshop “Authenticity and empathy” with Magdalena Malinowska
How can I be myself and at the same time have empathy for others?
How do I take care of my boundaries without hurting others?
How do I listen to people I disagree with without losing my integrity?
Do you sometimes have these kinds of questions?
If so, I would like to invite you to the workshop, during which we will explore how to take care of these two qualities in our life – authenticity and empathy.
I hope that after this workshop, you will never associate Nonviolent Communication with being a nice person who never judges others and always puts the needs of his/her loved ones first. I will show you how empathy and honesty, and taking care of the needs of others and your own, can go hand in hand. There will be not only theory, but also time to practice, so please come with examples from your life.


Who is this for?

Everyone is welcome, no matter if you have experience in Nonviolent Communication, or not. Note that the workshop will be given in English.



Tuesday, the 22nd of February 2022 at 18:30-21:00 



STPLN, Stapelbäddsgatan 3, 211 75 Malmö


How much does it cost?

Swish a voluntary contribution (from 0 SEK to 300 SEK) when coming to the workshop.



If you want to come, register here:



This workshop is organized by Ricardo Guillén ( in frame of Malmö NVC community, which is a series of IRL community building meetups for NVC people in Malmö. Some of these are centered around co-creation, and others – such as this one – will be led by guest trainers with specific workshop offers.


About the trainer

Magdalena Malinowska
CNVC Certified Trainer
I am an NVC trainer supporting people in creating satisfying life and relations (personal and professional) through individual training and group workshops deepening communication skills.
I help in implementing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in companies, non-governmental organisations and at home. My work is based not only on NVC created by Marshall B. Rosenberg, but also on non-formal learning methods and on the Coaching for Transformation approach.
I founded Empathic Way and Empathic Way Europe, through which I promote Nonviolent Communication and teach honest and clear self-expression and listening to others with respect and empathy. Besides, I am the author of the online course “Four steps to a better relationship with others and myself” (at the moment only in Polish).



Get in touch if you have any questions: or
See you there!

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