Nic Burnand Living nonviolence. Easier said than done

Nic Burnand – Living nonviolence. Easier said than done

When I first started practising NVC, I thought that it was the answer to every problem that I ever had. It wasn’t long before my rose-coloured glasses fell off and I realised that knowing NVC and fully living nonviolence were not the same. In this session, I will shed some light on why it is that we still get triggered and what can be done to find more space between the stimulus and our response.
[Workshop organised in the frame of Time for Empathy 2023]
When: 6 March 2023, 18:15-19:45 CET (Berlin time)
Most of the workshops during “Time for Empathy” are not recorded, so the only possibility to take part in it is to join the session. The sessions that will be recorded, we will make available to others if the quality is satisfying. We may also use parts of the recording for marketing and publicity across various media. If you do not wish to be recorded, switch off your camera and microphone for the whole duration of the session.
Language: English
Cost: FREE
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About the trainer:
Nicholas Burnand NVC trainerNic Burnand
I had no idea that I did not love myself until someone pointed it out to me. I then began to see the patterns of self-criticism, self-loathing and shame that I was carrying. I was somehow unable to shift these patterns which led to even more self-loathing and depression. Learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and becoming a certified trainer certainly contributed to making a shift in my ability to be kind to myself and yet I was still missing one vital piece. As an Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner, I have come to understand what it really means to love myself. I am honoured to be able to support clients and participants to learn to love themselves using IFS, NVC, breathwork and psychedelic-assisted therapy.
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