Miki Kashtan Time for Empathy 2022

The Limits of Empathy and the Practice of Purpose-Oriented Healing

When we want to liberate ourselves, or accompany others on the path to liberation from what has been done to us to prepare us to function in modern, patriarchal societies, being received with empathy is an indispensable component, and not the only one.
In this session I plan to take a look at liberation as increasing our capacity to mobilize towards our vision. Within this approach, we lean on purpose and on practical and specific agreements to move us where we want to go, going for empathy and healing only when no other pathways exist.
[Workshop organised in frame of Time for Empathy 2022]


When: 8 March 2022, 20:00-21:30 CET (Berlin time)
Recording: We will probably record this event and make it available to other people, if the quality is satisfying. We may also use parts of the recording for marketing and publicity across a range of media. If you do not wish to be recorded, then switch off your camera and microphone for the whole duration of the session.
Language: English
Cost: FREE


To take part in this workshop, register to the “Time for Empathy” event here: https://www.empathiceurope.com/time-for-empathy/
Note: Register only ONCE and receive access to all “Time for Empathy” workshops organised from 7 to 13 March.
About the trainer:
Miki KashtanMiki Kashtan
Miki is a practical visionary pursuing a world that works for all, based on principles and practices rooted in feminist nonviolence. She is a founding member of the Nonviolent Global Liberation community and has taught and consulted globally. She is the author of the recent The Highest Common Denominator and blogs at The Fearless Heart.

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