Expressing regret with dignity

Expressing regret with dignity

This workshop will focus on bringing our unmet needs to life, through the expression of regret, all while holding ourselves with dignity. Through an NVC lens, we will look at bringing empathy to ourselves by remembering the fundamental premise that “all that we do or say is an attempt to meet needs”.
Through an experiential process, participants will learn how to stay connected to what is alive for us in moments where we act, react, or speak in ways that are not aligned with our true self. The workshop will look at how to stay in welcome for ourselves and our actions, and help move towards others in the expression of regret.
Objectives of the workshop are to better understand:
– How to identify moments of regret (and guilt) in important relationships
– How to welcome ourselves and others with empathy and dignity
– How to move towards dialogue
This workshop is for participants of all levels, who are curious about building stronger and safe relational spaces – to learn more about rehumanizing ourselves, and repairing relationships.
[Workshop organised in frame of Time for Empathy 2022]


When: 10 March 2022, 16:30-18:00 CET (Berlin time)
Language: English
Cost: FREE


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About the trainer:
Julia WightJulia Wight
For 12 years, Julia worked in international organizations where she has had the privilege of developing and implementing programs in communities in over ten countries, including Chad, Zimbabwe, Malaysia and Afghanistan; bringing extensive experience in team management and community impact evaluation. Julia has a strong interest and experience in team development and cohesion, communication, alignment with organizational mission and values, as well as support in professional development. In 2016, after a lengthy burnout, Julia decided that things needed to be different and more balanced in her vocation and contribution in this world.
In 2017, Julia left the humanitarian field and started seeing a new path towards coaching and teaching, and NVC was right there to support her as she participated in her first NVC workshop and was immediately hooked. An avid and eager learner, Julia went straight for all she could absorb in the NVC community. In 2019, she completed the Professional Master’s program in Authentic Dialogue at Spiralis (17,5 intensive days) and is currently pursuing her trainer certification with the CNVC. She is also a student Resonant Language Healing (with Sarah Peyton), opening her up to the neurobiological practices based on communication and deep connection and self-healing.
Since 2019, Julia integrates her personal and spiritual development interests in her role as a trainer with Spiralis, in empathic listening and leadership – she provides trainings, participates in conferences, and does NVC coaching.
Her great curiosity, her sensitivity and her compassion towards what motivates humans leads her to focus on supporting individuals and leaders; people who want to improve their relationships, deepen their knowledge of themselves, be freer, and feel more connected to their inherent vitality.




CET (Berlin time)
16:30 - 18:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 2022-03-10
  • Time: 10:30 - 12:00

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