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Growing together – trainers’ days

Do you share Nonviolent Communication as a trainer and want to increase the quality of your activities?
Do you miss the trainers’ community, sharing good practices and mutual inspiration?
Are you on the CNVC certification path and want to deepen your understanding of all NVC processes?
Or maybe you are a certified NVC trainer who wants to further develop the competences while supporting the NVC community?
We invite you to the “Growing together” workshop, which intention is:
– building a supportive trainers’ community,
– improving the quality of NVC trainings,
– sharing tools and experience,
– learning to offer high quality feedback,
– receiving supportive and developmental feedback,
– exchanging experience in working with various target groups,
– integrating NVC in your work as a trainer.
During this meeting you will:
– define your own developmental goals,
– increase the ability to design trainings according to the needs of the target group,
– expand the range of training methods and tools,
– practice empathy in difficult situations during workshops,
– practice answering frequently asked questions in the field of NVC (FAQ),
– increase your understanding of NVC Key Differentiations,
– be able to present a sample of your workshop and receive feedback,
– take part in role playing,
– receive information about the certification process,
– be able to practice assessment elements and improve the skills necessary in the certification process,
– take part in the intervision.
For whom:
– for people who share Nonviolent Communication,
– for trainers planning NVC certification,
– for internal trainers in companies that implement Nonviolent Communication,
– for certified NVC trainers who want to develop their skills and share experiences.
28-29 June 2019 (Friday 17-20, Saturday 9-17)
Leance: ul. Kobierzyńska 24, 30-363 Kraków
If you need accommodation, you can sleep in Leance – let us know that you want to use this option.
The meeting will have an international character and will be conducted in English, with a translation into Polish.
About the trainer:
Shona Cameron – Psychologist, trainer, mentor, CNVC Assessor.
For over 17 years she worked as a school psychologist in Great Britain, including 11 as a certified CNVC trainer (Center for Nonviolent Communication). At that time she was not only a psychologist, but also a coach, therapist, facilitator, supervisor, team leader and co-worker. Over the years, she has earned the reputation of a person who works “a bit differently”. Using NVC, she created new ways to work with teachers, parents and students, and to give them more power. At present, it is the most important to her to create a “relational environment” in which interpersonal relationships come first. She works as a consultant and trainer dealing with adults in the education system, in order to bring lasting change in the most peaceful way. She longs to be in the young people’s environment.
How much does it cost?
We have an unusual and different approach to money. Please take a moment and read our options. For fast readers, just read the blue printing. Thank you!
It is a challenge to find out how to ask for contributions, because we want 4 things at once:
– to make the workshop happen so that we and all participants can learn
– to make the workshop available regardless of your financial resources
– to take care about sustainability of trainers and organizers
– to make it easy for you to decide how much you want to and are able to contribute.
Please choose one of these amounts, if you need ease.
– 880 PLN – if you register by the end of March 2019
– 980 PLN – if you register after 31st of March 2019
If you are participating on behalf of a company which covers your cost and you will use these tools in business, we ask you to contribute 1400 PLN.
Sliding scale
If you want to choose a different amount, please read the following:
– We need to collect 9 000 PLN to make this event happen with all external costs covered (room and board for the trainer and organizers, transportation costs, materials, conference rooms).
– We need to collect 12 000 PLN to cover all external costs of the workshop and to take care of material needs of the trainer and organizers.
So, we invite you to decide how much you are willing and able to contribute by using the sliding scale 700 – 1800 PLN and following the guidelines below:
– if you have stability in salary, savings and security in your financial situation, please choose an amount starting from 880 PLN.
– if you struggle with financial resources, please choose an amount starting from 700 PLN or contact us to find an option that works for all of us (e.g. installments).
Please contact us if you have any questions or doubts concerning registration or contributions:
To register, please, fill in the Registration Form here: and pay the chosen amount within 7 days to finalise your registration process.
Payment details:
Company Name: Rubikon Marta Kułaga
IBAN: PL 02 1050 1445 1000 0091 4893 7189
Bank Name: ING Bank Śląski
Reference: “Growing Together 06.2019” and your first & last name
Please ensure that the cost of money transfer is on your side.
For foreign transfers we recommend using or paying via Revolut if you are a card holder of this service.
Maximum number of participants: 25 people
Empathic Way Europe:


2019-06-28 - 29


17:00 - 17:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 2019-06-28 - 29
  • Time: 11:00 - 11:00


700 - 1800 PLN


In English




Marta Kułaga, Leance and Magdalena Malinowska, Empathic Way Europe

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