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[In English] Honesty with money (LIVE on FB)

Do you work hard, but your bank account does not reflect it?
Do you feel somehow “guilty” about taking money for helping people?
Do you think it is unjust to take money for work you love, or you do it with ease and fun?
Perhaps there is another “currency” that appeals to you more than money?
What might it be? And how can you connect it with money?
How can you match “to be” and “to have” in your heart?
We invite you to participate in a journey through the common beliefs and needs hidden behind our choices.
When: 28.03.2019 at 12:00-13:00 (CET)
Where: Facebook-Live in a Facebook group, so we can chat.
Register here to be reminded about the event: https://timeforhonesty.eventbrite.com 
Language: English
Cost: FREE
About the trainer: 
Ewa Tyralik-Kulpa – I am a trainer of emphatic communication with seven years of experience. I work at the School for Trainers of Communication Based on Empathy (Szkoła Trenerów Komunikacji Opartej na Empatii) and co-run a project called “Ripening Leaders” (Dojrzewalnia Liderek). I conduct trainings of emphatic communication and conflict management in organisations, and work with individuals. I am also a blogger and the co-author of an educational project about money entitled “I am rich” (JestemBogata.pl) in which I encourage sensitive/vulnerable people to invite money in their lives and match it with their values. I help people make money without guilt and shame, and efficiently take care of it.
Before my life as a trainer, I worked in a multinational publishing house. As the Publishing Director I was responsible for the financial result for three titles, and I co-ran a PR-agency.
I am the author of the book “What’s Eating Eva? How to understand each other”, and am currently working on a new one: “What About This Money? How to have an open heart and mind for money”.

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