Move with feelings. Dance our needs Vega Moon

Move with feelings. Dance our needs

Would you like to enhance your body sensations vocabulary and learn how you can connect through the body?
Join this free workshop with Vega Moon during which she will use body awareness and movement as a self-empathy practice.
Please, wear comfortable clothes, and have a mat to lie down and a blanket or a shawl in case you feel cold.
[Workshop organised in frame of Time for Empathy 2022]


When: 13 March 2022, 9:45-11:15 am
Language: English
Cost: FREE


To take part in this workshop, register to the “Time for Empathy” event here:
Note: Register only ONCE and receive access to all “Time for Empathy” workshops organised from 7 to 13 March.
Watch the invitation to this workshop:


About the trainer:
Sense our feelings, Move with needs Deva MoonVega Moon
I am living in Auroville, sharing NVC here as a NVC certification candidate, love dancing, practicing body awareness and movement. I want to integrate our body and movement with NVC.

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