Practice session Navigating conflicts in organisations

Navigating conflicts in organisations – practice session

When addressed with care and attention, conflicts can be engines for transformation and growth, leading to deeper mutual understanding and harmony.”
― Miki Kashtan
Would you like to learn how to embrace conflicts with curiosity, courage and care and use them as an invitation to cooperation instead of a barrier?
Are you feeling scared of conflicts and prefer to step back and avoid them?
Do you want to practice your skills in finding the needs in people’s actions leading to inclusive win-win solutions?
Due to our education and experiences in professional and private life, conflicts may appear to us as something destructive or even scary. We may also perceive tension as we lack the skills to approach them in a constructive way. Thus some of us may have a tendency to try to avoid or extinguish them as fast as the first signs of them appear on the horizon.
Unfortunately, when avoiding conflicts or treating them as a sign of wrongness we may lose opportunities to have more understanding, engagement and trust in our workplaces, widening our perspectives and finding creative ways of solving them. 
Conflict, or tensions of any kind, can be a source of creative potential that when cared for with awareness and compassion, can lead to a greater closeness with others and a deeper understanding of ourselves.” Marshall B. Rosenberg, the creator of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) 
During this session, you will have an opportunity to:
– practice in a safe environment naming the needs behind different actions of the people we cooperate with in our workplaces, 
– co-create win-win solutions including the needs of the people involved in conflicts,
– learn about (and hopefully even practice) the mediation model based on NVC principles. 
Register today, and get ready to step forward onto a new path! 
When: 28 May 2024 at 19:00-21:00 CEST
How: Online on Zoom (we will send you the link to the meeting after registration – check your email!).
To participate, you need a stable internet connection, your preferred device with a microphone and camera, and a pen and notebook, if you like taking notes. You also need to be able to communicate in English.
No recording: Practice sessions are NOT RECORDED. The only way to take part in it is to join it live.
Option 1: 
Just this practice session: 55 Euro 
Early Bird till 20.05.2024: 45 EUR
Option 2: 
All 8 practice sessions until the end of 2024: 260 EUR (32,50 EUR per session)



Each participant will receive access to the recordings of all webinars “Empathic Way in Organizations” offered in 2024 worth 40 EUR.


Contact: If you have any questions, please, send a message to:
Practice sessions planned until the end of 2024 (topics may change):
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Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez
Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez
I dream about a world in which we can have more authenticity, empathy, honesty and dialogue in our private, professional and social lives. I fulfill this dream by working as a Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and eduScrum, coach, mediator, Resonant Language Practitioner and MindSonar Analyst still in training. 
I support leaders, teachers, physicians, teams, organizations and individual clients in building professional and personal relationships based on empathy, trust, dialogue and efficacy.
My scopes of work mainly are: empathic communication and conflict navigation, diversity and inclusion, intercultural communication, interpersonal neurobiology, agility in education, psychological safety and resilience. I co-create Empathic Way Europe team and non-profit campaigns #WidzęCzłowieka and Marathon of Empathy.
I work in Polish, English and Spanish. 
You will see sparks in my eyes whenever I read Latin American literature, listen to world music, and am in connection with Nature, especially while walking in the mountains. 

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