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[In Polish] Your feelings and needs are important

Get to know the world of empathy!

Every year October 2 is a special day – the whole world celebrates the International Day of Empathic Action.
October 2 is also an International Day for Nonviolence – a day established by the UN General Assembly on June 15, 2006, adopted in resolution A/RES/61/271, inspired by the actions of the propagator of pacifism, Mahatma Gandhi, not accidentally celebrated on the anniversary of his birthday (born October 2, 1869).*
Four days later, on October 6, Marshall Rosenberg was born; he was American clinical psychologist, mediator, teacher and author of books, creator of Nonviolent Communication, NVC – an effective tool for resolving disputes and conflicts, improving relationships, health and quality of life.
From 22/09/2018 till 7/10/2018, in Poland and in Europe, takes place “Time for Empathy Project”. Its main aim is to propagate communication without violence.
100-lecie Kobiet (The 100th Anniversary of Women) and My, Kobiety... (We, Women…) feel honored that we are joining a project inspired by the International Day of Empathic Action.
In 2016, Empathic Way co-organized the Empathy Week in Poland, in 2018 it creates an international initiative.
We invite you to a lecture with elements of the workshop.
In the program:
– Basics of Nonviolent Communication;
– Identifying feelings and taking responsibility for them;
– Recognition and expression of needs.
The event is organized as a part of the Time for Empathy Project organized by Empathic Way Europe to celebrate the International Day of Empathy, and as a celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Women 100-lecie Kobiet.
More details:
When: 4 October 2018, 18:00-20:00
Where: Białystok, Poland
Language: Polish
Cost: This event is free for participants, financed by My, Kobiety…
Conditions for participation:
– Registration by email:
– The number of places is limited – 20 people
– In the registration form consisting of the name, surname and telephone number, please also justify your willingness to participate in the event.
– Incomplete applications will not be considered.
About the trainer:
Dorota Ostrożańska – business coach, personal development and Empathy based Communication trainer, mentor, master RMP®, RSMP®, finalist awarded in the 6th edition of the Polish National Sales Awards 2014 in the category Sales Trainer. Biologist, ecologist, social worker and one of 11 initiators of the project “100th Anniversary of Women” in North-East Poland.
A woman with high curiosity about the world, constantly expanding her horizons, professing the concept of Lifelong Learning.
She has been working with NVC since 2011, spreading this method in corporate, educational and development environments. Ever since she met “The Language of the Heart” she is his follower and propagator.
More information about professional experience and achievements at the link
The event is covered by the honorary patronage of the Commissioner for Citizens’ Rights and the Marshal of the Podlasie Voivodship.
* Text source:

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